2019 Registration

We are currently accepting registration forms for our upcoming season. Please follow the instruction below to get registered. We look forward to see you and your players out on the field!

Soccer Season: September - November

Practices: All club coaches are volunteers so practice are schedule when it is convenient for the coach and families

Practice Locations: All practices will be held at Aromas Soccer Field. Some days may be reserved for older kids. Please note, School scheduled activities such as: Flagged Football and Soccer have precedence over Aromas Soccer Club Schedule, therefore it's important to be flexible.

To Register:

1) Print out registration form - CYSA Member Registration Form and fill out

2) Print out - Registration Checklist and fill out

3) Provide a small picture

4) Provide a copy of birth certificate

5) Deliver all to Marhsalls Market at 300 Carepenteria Rd Aromas.